ShatterStorm Productions Presents

The Smutty Afghan Contest

AKA "Who Can Most Turn AJ On?"

Yes, we're quite sure that you're curious just what the hell this is all about, right?

Simply put, it goes something like this. Back in 2001, AJ started crocheting an afghan that was to be for her then-wife. Before said afghan was finished, the marriage ended, and the afghan had been packed away for several months. Recently, after moving into a new apartment, AJ found said afghan, but did not feel right a] giving it to said ex-wife or b] keeping it for herself or either of her roommates. So she decided to give it away to someone who would want the afghan. Then Jenn and another friend of AJ's on one of her mailing lists each came up with the idea for a contest, with the winner taking the afghan as top prize. The contest was teasingly called the "Who Can Turn AJ On The Most," and the rest is history....

The Rules || The Prizes || The Entrants

The details for the next contest will be announced soon.

Any and all questions can be directed to AJ & Jenn.

Good luck! And good writing!