A. Magiluna Stormwriter: Letting Go and Moving On, a Bedtime story

Amatia: A Gentle Invitation, an actor RPF story

ascian: Five Kinds of Earthquake, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer story

Babs Bunny: Think of Me, a Star Trek: The Next Generation story

Buddy: So Lost Without You, a Smallville story

Cait N.: All Is Right, a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine story

Cheapmetaphor: And now it's night, a Losing Chase story

C. Zdroj: Closets and Close Secrets, a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine story

Faechick: Memory: An Internal Monologue, a Gargoyles story

fairady: Tutoring, a Young Justice story

Frulie: The Chase, a Harry Potter story

Genee Li: Flowers For Your Table, Daisies, Wild Blue, an NSync story

glossolalia: No Such Boy, an Angel: The Series story

Grainne: An Old Family Recipe, a Backstreet Boys story

Gwynnega: Five Minutes, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer story

Halrloprillalar: Hammer and Tongs, a Lord of the Rings story

jacito: riffraff, a LotRips/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover story

Jess: The Secret of Flight, a Legends of the Fall story

Jessica Nicole: Familiarity, a Harry Potter story

k: A Bruised Road, a The O.C. story

Katie Murphy: The Ultimate Acceptance/I Love You Goodbye, a M*A*S*H story

kbk: Nomenclature, a Harry Potter story

Ki Finn: Fate Is a Curve, an Andromeda story

Kyra Cullinan: The Winter to Pass, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer story

Lizo: The Things In the Chairs, an E.R. story

Matthew: Wrong Way Home, a Firefly story

Mehitabel: The World Didn't End, a Harry Potter story

Mer: Almost Home, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer story

Merrin: Kinks, a The Sentinel story

Moonbeam: Knightly Observance, a Forever Knight story

not jenny: Skuka, Holod i Granit, a Babylon 5 story

Oro: And the Busy World Is Hushed, a The West Wing story

Qzeebrella: Tremor, a Star Trek: Enterprise story

rg kinski: Worth It, a The Wire story

s.a.: Signs and Wonders, an NSync story

Shatterpath: Refractions, an E.R. story

Simon Field: Snapshots from the city: The expensive red-lipsticked whore: Hatred and disgust in foreign lands. Love ain't nothing but a venereal disease., a Transmetropolitan story

Sleeps With Coyotes: Change Into, a Yami no Matsuei story [story removed @ author's request on 3 November 2011]

Tori Morris: Blood, Tears and Wings of Bone, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer story

Weredonut: Love Is a Many Splintered Thing, an NSync story

wulle: I once had a farm in Africa, a Reasonable Doubts story

Zara Hemla: Floating in the floating city, a Spirited Away story

Zillah: Darker With the Day, a Harry Potter story



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