Fate Is a Curve

An Andromeda story by Ki Finn

They didn't want us to imagine
the curve of a thigh, breasts
heavy as coconuts, the navel
a goblet from which lovers drank
in biblical vineyards at midnight.
  - from Not the Apocrypha by Joanne Lehman


Category: Slash
Pairing: Trance/Beka
Rating: At least R, probably NC-17
Spoilers: Season 4
Disclaimers: Andromeda is the property of Tribune. No profit is being made from this story.
Notes: Thanks to Mosca for issuing the free verse challenge which inspired this piece and the great quote she gave to work from. It's in here, you just have to look for it.


They were alone for the first time since her return. Willingly careless they
didn't realize the damage Beka's descision had caused, only knew their
want. A relationship of stolen moments, they denied the concept of
us, never daring to think as a couple, not fearing the consequences but unwilling
to confirm the suspiscions of their crewmates, not from fear, but failing to
imagine themselves as more than occasional bedmates, each a standby when
the rest of their partners deserted or drifted. But sometimes Fate is a
curve. Tyr's betrayal was no surprise; the method of Beka's feint, a change
of allegiance surprised them out of their complacency. They stood close,
thigh to thigh, Beka's hand on Trance's shoulder, their breaths pushing their
breasts together. Their time clothed was brief as always and the air grew
heavy with anticipation as they stripped, silent, only needing the other's touch,
as there was no betrayal in it. Beka traced her hands over gold skin, thinking of
coconuts, warm sun, palm trees. She brought her mouth to Trance's and traced
the softness of lips, bringing shivers as Trance made a finger path from nipple to
navel as they fell onto the bed, kissing. When Beka's thigh parted Trance's
a sigh slipped out of her lips. She spread eagerly as Beka's head rested in the
goblet of her thighs. Beka focused her guilt, traced Trance's outer lips and
from above, Trance saw the raw need in her lover's eyes to prove her worth,
which she had never seen before. Beka sucked greedily on her. Other
lovers were easily forgotten and they were alone together finally. Trance
drank in the sight of Beka, writhed and understood how Tyr was caught up
in such ardor and wondered if she too was a victim. Various Bibles, various
biblical characters were undone. But when she was with her, Trance thought of
vineyards, gardens, forests, magic places of green and growth. Then only
at such open vulnerability she felt whatever passed between Beka and Tyr the
midnight was upon them, in spite of their efforts and only then did she orgasm.

Beka eased herself up the bed and wrapped her arms around Trance, wanting
to hold her, draw her into the comfort of familar arms rediscovered. Instead,
Trance pushed her onto the bed and tore her legs apart. Vulnerability
passed quickly under the weight of her imagination, of thoughts of Tyr in her
occasional position. Past lovers had never mattered to her but this pushed,
carried weight, and she saw the burden of Tyr on Beka since her return. Beka
started to speak but Trance covered her mouth with her hand, forcing further
explainations silent. She brought her mouth to Beka's neck and first licked,
then sucked, then bit, marking her lover, making a map of soon-bruised flesh.
Beka barely moved, only to offer up some piece of skin to her teeth, knowing
both Trance's need and their shared want to wish the recent past away. As
Trance shoved her fingers inside her Beka grunted and flung her arms above her
head, completely free as Trance gathered her wrists together and held them to
the bed. This was no exploration; it was a competition, survival, fours years
on a desert island only to be found and then lost once more. Trance's fingers
hit her g-spot over and over and found Beka in her hands again. As shudders
eased she laid beside her and accepted the embrace she had refused. Trance
turned on her side and Beka echoed the movement, slid into the curve of her
body drifting toward sleep. It was then that Trance stopped crying. She
brought the sheet over them and they both disappeared under the blank white,
unsure of themselves.



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