actor RPF

A Gentle Invitation, by Amatia



Fate Is a Curve, by Ki Finn


Angel: The Series

No Such Boy, by glossolalia


Babylon 5

Skuka, Holod i Granit, by not jenny


Backstreet Boys

An Old Family Recipe, by Grainne



Letting Go and Moving On, by A. Magiluna Stormwriter


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Almost Home, by Mer

Blood, Tears and Wings of Bone, by Tori Morris

Five Kinds of Earthquake, by ascian

Five Minutes, by Gwynnega

The Winter to Pass, by Kyra Cullinan



Refractions, by Shatterpath

The Things In the Chairs, by Lizo



Wrong Way Home, by Matthew


Forever Knight

Knightly Observance, by Moonbeam



Memory: An Internal Monologue, by Faechick


Harry Potter

The Chase, by Frulie

Darker With the Day, by Zillah

Familiarity, by Jessica Nicole

Nomenclature, by kbk

The World Didn't End, by Mehitabel


Legends of the Fall

The Secret of Flight, by Jess


Lord of the Rings

Hammer and Tongs, by Halrloprillalar


Losing Chase

And now it's night, by Cheapmetaphor


LotRips/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover

riffraff, by jacito



The Ultimate Acceptance/I Love You Goodbye, by Katie Murphy



Flowers For Your Table, Daisies, Wild Blue, by Genee Li

Love Is a Many Splintered Thing, by Weredonut

Signs and Wonders, by s.a.


The O.C.

A Bruised Road, by k


Reasonable Doubts

I once had a farm in Africa, by wulle


The Sentinel

Kinks, by Merrin



So Lost Without You, by Buddy


Spirited Away

Floating in the floating city, by Zara Hemla


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

All Is Right, by Cait N.

Closets and Close Secrets, by C. Zdroj


Star Trek: Enterprise

Tremor, by Qzeebrella


Star Trek: The Next Generation

Think of Me, by Babs Bunny



Snapshots from the city: The expensive red-lipsticked whore: Hatred and disgust in foreign lands. Love ain't nothing but a venereal disease., by Simon Field


The West Wing

And the Busy World Is Hushed, by Oro


The Wire

Worth It, by rg kinski


Yami no Matsuei

Change Into, by Sleeps With Coyotes [story removed @ author's request on 3 November 2011]


Young Justice

Tutoring, by fairady



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